We offer contract-free pricing and a weekly satisfaction guarantee.

At Definity Partners, we’re 100% confident in our Run Improve Grow approach. We guarantee our work and we don’t use contracts. You continue working with us only as long as you are satisfied with your results.

Our approach to driving continuous improvement within your organization and creating a culture of growth depends on our ability to thoroughly assess your organization’s challenges and fully understand your corporate vision. Once we know where you are—and where you want to be—we are able to create and implement a detailed plan for effectively addressing your unique hurdles.

Our Approach includes three steps:

  1. Run Improve Grow Roadmap Study: one week of an intense, deep dive into your people, processes, and technology.
  2. Run Improve Grow Roadmap: a detailed plan to overcoming the obstacles that deter you from growth
  3. Run Improve Grow Roadmap Implementation: we work side-by-side with you, implementing change, taking bold challenges, and leading you to success.

Guaranteed results: During implementation, we work without a contract because we’re confident you’ll see measurable results every week.


During our thorough one-week study, Definity Partners Project Managers, or R-I-G Transformational Leaders, will be on site to evaluate all aspects of your organization, including your people, processes, and technology. Our in-depth roadmap study ranges from $10,000 to $25,000 and based on our learnings, we provide a detailed Run Improve Grow Roadmap. The Roadmap outlines the right steps, in the right order, for overcoming obstacles, empowering your front line to efficiently run itself, establishing a culture of ongoing improvement, and ultimately enabling bold growth.

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Definity Partners takes a phased approach to Roadmap implementation that includes benchmarking and reassessment along the way. Because every Roadmap is fully customized to the organization’s unique challenges, implementation pricing is custom as well. Roadmap implementation engagements can last up to nine months or more. However, all work is completed and billed on a weekly basis. 

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Definity Partners offers a wide range of custom education courses and workshops designed specifically for your executives, frontline leaders, and frontline employees. If education and training is uncovered as a need during your R-I-G Study, these services will be included in your Roadmap. Education services are also offered a-la carte.

To learn more, click here to visit our education services page. Download our comprehensive Education Catalog. Or contact us at 513.381.7200 for a custom price based on your needs.

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