A comprehensive diagnosis of your key business challenges.

What’s standing between your business’ current state and the bold vision you hope to achieve? Even if you think you know, or if you have concerns about a specific issue, most businesses contend with numerous challenges. A comprehensive Run Improve Grow®  Study identifies all of your issues, so your business can advance from good to great.

You can’t take your business where it’s going if you don’t fully understand where it is. That’s why each of our engagements begins with a formal Run Improve Grow study. During the study, our project managers immerse themselves into your business, your processes, and your teams. We interview your workforce and closely observe and evaluate your work processes and procedures. Then we compare the current state of your business against your vision, identifying the gaps between the two.

From professional development, to technology and systems needs, to process improvement requirements and cultural changes, the comprehensive Run Improve Grow study documents all of the improvements your business must make to close the gaps, enable greater efficiency and effectiveness, and ultimately achieve its growth goals.


The Run Improve Grow study will evaluate your leaders’ capabilities and competencies, determine how and where leaders are spending their time, and pinpoint your organization’s need for executive development. The study may uncover the need for formal training programs, realigning the organizational design, and/or recruiting new talent to fill critical gaps.

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The experts at Definity Partners fundamentally believe that the key to growing a business is to improve how frontline leaders are spending their time and energy. Your Run Improve Grow Study closely evaluates frontline activity to identify needs for improved communization, professional development, and frontline supervisor coaching and training.

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Technology, including custom applications, is an essential component in helping businesses achieve their improvement and growth goals. During the Run Improve Grow evaluation, our technology team looks for opportunities to help optimize your business processes with custom applications to compliment and support the programs and improvements your business needs to be successful.

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The ability to make process or procedure improvements is key to any business’ ability to grow. Definity Partners looks for processes and procedures that could use refinement. We also evaluate your organization’s current methods for making improvements. We point out the roadblocks that keep your people from addressing problems and making changes that can dramatically enhance the way your company does business.

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Learn about our Run Improve Grow Roadmap, a plan that applies the right tools and tactics at the right time, allowing you to achieve continuous improvement and bold growth.

Learn more about our benchmarking process where we measure your success in 10 key areas and monitor how your business is improving on a regular basis.

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