Upside Innovations: A Team Perspective on Run Improve Grow (Radio Show)

The fact that teamwork is essential for a manufacturing operation is obvious. This is especially true for a small, rapidly growing organization. (…and by rapidly growing I mean in excess of 100% over the last year!) So the team perspective in this conversation is particularly enlightening.



This cross-section of players from Upside Innovations, a manufacturer of aluminum steps and ramps for handicapped accessibility based in Cincinnati, Ohio, are shining examples of doing it right.  Welcome to Amy Gogul, Operations Manager, Danny Cornish, Shop Floor Supervisor and Kevin Sharp, President of Upside.


- Time:  why there’s never enough, and what to do about it.
- Run Improve Grow:  The impact of the philosophy on shop floor operations
- The “marathon manager”
- The “how to” of actively looking to improve
- How a 60% improvement can make a world of difference
- Without the Run & Improve, the Grow can’t happen!
- How to create and sustain culture change
- The vital importance of change management
- Serving the community (What a story!)