Run-Improve-Grow with Ray Attiyah

Are you struggling to find the time to get things done? As a leader of your organization, we are sure that you are pulled in many directions. Definity Partners wants to give you more time.

This Definity Live! Webinar features Definity's founder, Ray Attiyah, discussing our Run-Improve-Grow principles that will help any leader understand the importance of empowering their front lines. Sounds simple, but in reality it's sometimes a difficult change to sustain. Let us give you the tools to start the transformation.

About Ray:

Ray Attiyah, founder and CIO of Definity Partners, is committed to improving companies while empowering frontline leaders. He will be discussing the success that he has seen, and the importance of empowering your frontline leaders through his innovative Run-Improve-Grow message. Run-Improve-Grow is a universal model for continuous improvement that stimulates a culture of consistent growth and constant innovation.

Originally recorded on 2.20.14 at 2:00 PM