High Standards and the Pursuit of Excellence in Manufacturing (Radio Show)

Few in the manufacturing industry would argue the high value of a shared vision of excellence in leadership, skills training and education. Fewer still take the initiative to make it happen. Fortunately for all of us, there is a trio in Cincinnati who have taken up the reins.



Anne Cappel, Executive Director at the European-American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Cincinnati, Carolin McCaffrey, Chief Liason Officer, Festo Didactic and Ray Attiyah, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer of Definity Partners have joined forces to pursue achievement of that vision. They joined us recently for a roundtable discussion.


  • What are the synergies among your three organizations?

  • What can Americans learn from the European model of training and education?

  • Changing the culture; why and how?

  • What are the challenges associated with implementing this model?

  • How to become a “talent magnet”

  • What are the three strategic pillars of the European American Chamber of Commerce?

  • Why talent, business and economic development must be all tied together

  • Who can most benefit from this three-way collaboration?

  • How can I take advantage of what you’re doing?  How do I get started?

    Below is a video of the full radio show:

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