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The 2015 Fearless Frontline Leader Award

The future of manufacturing resides in the bold, frontline leaders of today. The Fearless Frontline Leader Awards celebrate the day in day out contributions of the frontline leaders who fuel the manufacturing industry.

The Fearless Frontline Leader (Radio Show)

Definity's own Rich Cary recently spoke with Manufacturing Revival Radio regarding the Fearless Frontline Leader.

Unlocking the Secrets to High Performance (Radio Show)

Setting an objective of creating a high performance team is one thing. Actually doing so is quite another. The fortunate few who attended a recent HPWP Consulting High Performance Leadership Workshop had the opportunity to hear from a panel of folks who are definitely “in the know!”

High Standards and the Pursuit of Excellence in Manufacturing (Radio Show)

Few in the manufacturing industry would argue the high value of a shared vision of excellence in leadership, skills training and education. Fewer still take the initiative to make it happen. Fortunately for all of us, there is a trio in Cincinnati who have taken up the reins.

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