Where are you spending your time?

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014
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Where are you spending your time?

If you are a leader and you’re reading this article, there is something to be said about your leadership style and your own personal goal of growing and developing.  You seek knowledge and explore new ideas - leading to personal growth and development.


How well are you applying that concept to your own organization?  What are you doing each and every day that will establish the foundation that enables your organization to grow? 


Would you agree that 80% of a senior leader’s time, talent, and energy should be spent on growing the business, with the balance focused on proactive improvements?  From my experience, senior leaders spend a respectable amount of time on improvements and far too much time running their daily operations.   The remainder of the week, (which isn’t very much and certainly isn’t 80%), is dedicated to growth.  Running hard and firefighting along with the team makes us feel useful and provides a sense of accomplishment.  Identifying and driving improvements is similarly fulfilling, “who better than me to decide what we need to do next?”


What would it take to allow you to spend your time and talent focused on seeking out a new target market, researching an acquisition, creating a new product or developing your executive team?  In the long run, your focus on growth on a daily basis will determine the success and longevity of your business.  How engaged would your team be if they were allowed to identify and drive improvements instead of simply implementing yours?


Sounds great, right?  But how do you get out of the run and focused on growth?  Start by making sure that the right people are in the right positions within your organization.  Do you trust your leaders to make those decisions?  If not, you need to understand why.  Do you need to make adjustments in your people or an adjustment to your mind set?


Giving your frontline leaders and supervisors the autonomy and tools that they need to make bold decisions will have a dramatic impact.  Time and time again, we have seen organizations break through by equipping, engaging and empowering their frontline workforce to run the business, while leadership works on the next bold moves for business growth. 

*This originally appeared on the Columbus Chamber of Commerce website in the Member Insights section on October 16,2014. 

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