Leveraging Technology to Achieve Business Success

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Friday, August 22, 2014
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Leveraging Technology to Achieve Business Success


Check out video highlights of our panel discussion: Leveraging Technology to Achieve Business Success.  To see the full version of the event go here.

Are you prepared for Growth?

  • Are you leveraging new, innovative, bold solutions?
  • Are you monitoring industry trends and technical advances regularly?
  • Do you have a high functioning internal IT team or a 3rd party partner that can help us scale to meet business needs?
  • Do you adopt to new or updated existing systems easily?
  • Do you collect the right information to measure against our strategies?
  • Are all of your processes automated and optimized to their full capacity?
  • Do you develop strategy based on innovation (technology)?
  • Do you have the planning resources needed to support growth?
  • Are you developing new products and/or entering new markets?
  • Do you have a KPI dashboard/portal providing relevant and timely information?
  • Is your organization afraid of change?

Recently, we hosted an event in Columbus, Ohio focused on leveraging business growth through the use of technology. We invited Michael Swartz, President & CEO of Lake Shore Cryotronics, Steve Vitale, President of Midwest, and Jim Tennant, General Manager for RBB Systems, to share their company’s personal challenges and how technology helped them overcome challenges they were facing.

From ERP optimization, selection and integration to custom applications such as an Action Item Tracker, the event took a deep dive into obstacles you need to look out for when looking at new technologies, how to properly evaluate your needs and how to prepare for growth. We encourage you to view the entire event on-demand by clicking here: Leveraging Technology to Achieve Business Success 

Or, to discuss in detail your challenges with technology, please give me a call at (513) 381-7200. 



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