Admiring a Fearless Frontline Leader: Guest Blog Post

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Friday, May 16, 2014
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Admiring a Fearless Frontline Leader: Guest Blog Post

By Sue Bingham

It takes courage to be a frontline leader these days.  With pressure for performance from above and daily challenges from a workforce they may or may not have hired, the job of a frontline leader is tough. 

Of all the positions in an organization, the frontline leader has the unique opportunity to influence the largest number of people.  The way people feel about their company is directly related to how they feel about their manager.  Since the majority of employees work for a frontline leader, the potential for making an impact—good or bad—is huge.   

As facilitators of an operational philosophy called High Performance Work Place, we work alongside these frontline leaders providing tools that allow them to build respectful and empowered teams.   

You can imagine how excited our team was when we heard about the Fearless Frontline Leader Award initiated by Definity Partners.  The award was created to promote and recognize excellence in frontline leadership across the U.S.

On May 1, Richey Johnson from Southeastern Mills in Rome, GA received the award.  Richie Johnson exemplifies a fearless frontline leader in every possible way. 

Some of our team members have known Richey for over 15 years.  Together with Richey, we have facilitated trainings, initiated continuous improvement opportunities, and have worked together on a new plant start-up, to name a few projects.  Richey is the model of a fair, caring, inclusive, and challenging leader.  He sets the highest expectations and the people who work for him will knock down walls to meet his expectations.  

The entire team at HPWP Consulting is honored to congratulate Richey Johnson on receiving the 2014 Fearless Frontline Leader Award

About the Author:  Sue Bingham is the Founder and Principal of HPWP Consulting.  She deeply believes in the value of people and is driven to move work cultures toward high performance values and behaviors that build respectful and productive companies.  

About the Fearless Frontline Leader Award: Each May, Definity Partners will honor fearless frontline leaders from across the nation. In this inaugural year, Richey Johnson from Southeastern Mills and Greg Bartley from Value Added Packaging were honored at a celebration banquet in Cincinnati.

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