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The key to liberating leaders to improve and grow their businesses is no secret. Definity Partners founder Ray Attiyah clearly describes how you can position your organization for growth in his must-read book, Run Improve Grow.

Run Improve Grow, Your Roadmap from Firefighting to Bold Business Growth by Ray Attiyah is the holy grail of the Run Improve Grow business model. It’s required reading for all Definity Partners clients.

In his three-part book, Ray clearly shows how complicated systems and unpredictable frontline activities keep mangers and top executives stuck in the front line where they are unable to use their unique skills to improve and grow the company. Ray then walks you through the process of liberating your leaders by creating a fearless front line that effectively and efficiently operates itself.

In Part 1 (Run), you’ll learn about empowering frontline workers to take true ownership of essential day-to-day operations. In Part 2 (Improve), you’ll see how to simplify management systems, build leadership skills, and transform the mindset of the organization to focus on improvements. Finally, in Part 3 (Grow), you’ll find out what your organization must to do to make and keep bold promises, place and win bold bets, and hire bold talent—the ingredients your organization needs to grow profitability and to continuously capitalize on new opportunities.


Run Improve Grow will demonstrate how the Run Improve Grow approach can work in your business, regardless of your industry or your unique circumstances. If you want to learn more about how you can make your front line accountable and drive bold growth and innovation throughout your organization, get your copy of Run Improve Grow today.

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