Measuring your results—one improvement at a time.

The Run Improve Grow® business model is designed to deliver rapid results while continuously improving an organization over time. Our benchmarking metrics give your organization a way to track progress as you proceed through your Run Improve Grow Roadmap.

Benchmarking is an essential component of our Run Improve Grow business model. When you first engage with us, we will measure your organization’s performance on 10 key metrics using a scale of 0 (no progress) to 5 (far exceeds expectations). As you begin to execute your Run Improve Grow Roadmap and start implementing improvements within your organization, we will regularly reevaluate your performance against the 10 metrics. The benchmarking process clearly demonstrates the progress that has been made toward achieving your vision and goals, while pinpointing areas that need additional attention.


  • Relevance
  • Simplification
  • Valued Employees
  • Behavior Upgrades
  • Teamwork
  • Comfort with Change
  • Achievement
  • New Opportunities Prioritized
  • Process Innovation
  • Growth

By the time your organization completes its Run Improve Grow Roadmap, you should be meeting or exceeding expectations in all 10 metrics. You will be operating a lean, efficient organization where processes are simplified, employees are rewarded, and change is embraced. Your company will be well positioned to take on new challenges, innovate on an ongoing basis, and sustain new levels of growth.

If our hands-on approach to driving change, developing people, and creating a culture of continuous improvement within your organization sounds like a good fit for your business, then we’d like to get to know you better. And we’d like to tell you more about our unique Run Improve Grow approach and how it can work in your company. When you get started with Definity Partners, we invest the time to understand where you are and where you want to go. Then we create a plan for getting you to your vision as rapidly as possible. 

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