Developing your people to drive your business forward.

Are you interested in creating an environment where your front lines have the autonomy and confidence to improve your business every day, freeing upper management to concentrate on bold, strategic growth?

If your company is like most organizations we serve, you have a vision for your future. You simply don’t have the time to execute your vision because your C-suite talent and upper management team are spending too much time on day-to-day operations and firefighting. Definity Partners developed the Run Improve Grow(R) system to liberate your leaders to focus on growth by empowering frontline workers and middle management to run and improve the business for you, while you focus on growing into new markets, developing new products, and increasing your market share.

Implementing the Run Improve Grow approach starts with understanding where your business is today, identifying roadblocks to your success, and arming you with a detailed roadmap designed to overcome the hurdles one by one. By continuously benchmarking your success, we ultimately position your company’s leaders to take on bold challenges and grow your company into the thriving business you envision it to be.

These guys came in and embedded themselves in our processes, working side by side with our frontline leaders and employees to identify the best process for our business and accelerate change.” - Dan Hogan, CFO from Coleman

Identify the challenges keeping your business from achieving its bold vision allowing us to create a customized plan to success.

Apply the right tools and tactics at the right time allowing you to achieve continues improvement and enable bold growth.

Continuously measure your success in 10 key areas and monitor how your business is improving on a regular basis.


Your company’s ‘run’ is its day-to-day operations. This is where the Run Improve Grow approach begins. Our project managers get in the trenches and work hand-in-hand with your frontline workers and middle managers to streamline the daily tasks of the business. We train frontline workers to be effective problem solvers capable of removing hurdles and eliminating chronic pinch points that create daily frustrations. We empower your front line to make timely decisions. And we give them the tools they need to handle the ‘run’—including firefighting any problems that arise—without involving upper management and C-suite executives. When your front line takes ownership for the ‘run,’ capacity increases, processes get simpler, and the daily business becomes easier to execute.


Making the frontline workforce accountable for the ‘run’ creates a culture where workers and middle management not only address immediate obstacles, but also focus on implementing sustainable, long-term business improvements. Definity Partners trains your people to concentrate on reactive as well as proactive improvements as a part of their day-to-day work. Through methods such as daily huddle meetings and ‘What went well?’ conversations, workers gain the confidence they need to express ideas and make changes that will make a real impact on your bottom line. They focus on taking action and achieving results quickly. By giving people the skills and two-way communication they need to make sustainable improvements, those improvements will continue long after Definity Partners steps away.


When your front line can effectively solve problems, remove challenges, and implement needed improvements, your executives will have the time and energy they need to concentrate on achieving the company’s bold vision and moving the business forward. From launching a new partnership or product, to making a big acquisition, to taking on management team alignment challenges, executives are liberated to take big, bold steps that will ultimately transition the company’s vision into its reality.

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