La Salle High School Seniors Introduced to the Lucrative, Challenging, and Rewarding Career of Manufacturing

Definity Partners Hosted a Lean Manufacturing Simulation for Cincinnati High School Students

Definity Partners recently held a Lean Simulation program for La Salle High School’s Lasallian Scholars Institute (LSI) at Definity University in Cincinnati, OH to introduce manufacturing to the next generation and show students that a career in manufacturing is lucrative, challenging, and rewarding.

The 20 students who attended alongside instructor and Director of LSI, Michael Holman, were made up of seniors who take part in the Lasallian Scholars Institute, a four-year program at La Salle High School that challenges students to complete rigorous academic demands and encourages them to become spokespersons for the school as well as leaders in the community.

La Salle High School Seniors taking part in Definity Partners' Lean
Manufacturing Simulation

During the lean simulation program, Definity University instructors, Rich Cary and Tara Amis, lead the students through an engaging and hands-on workshop.

“The hands on experience provided an easy way for us to understand the principles that you [Definity University] were trying to put in place,” said LSI Senior Nathan Barry of Cincinnati.

The students worked together to quickly implement and test new solutions to challenges brought to them through the simulation. They were eager to use the information learned throughout each step of the workshop to problem-solve and increase the productivity and output of the simulation.

La Salle High School Seniors at Definity University

“It was an extremely fun and informational experience. I am glad I had the opportunity to participate. I was not disappointed,” said LSI student Tyler Harmon.

One-hundred percent of the students stated in a post-event survey that the program was better than they expected. The program, put together by Definity Partners, is designed to teach manufacturing leaders how to incorporate lean principles to their daily activities within a manufacturing environment. Altered only slightly and presented to the La Salle students, this program exposed the students to the critical, fast paced and often intriguing aspects of working within a manufacturing environment.

“The U.S. manufacturing industry is in need of smart, qualified, and dedicated professionals who are passionate about what they do. We hope by offering these types of courses to students that we help spread the enthusiasm about a career in manufacturing," states Tara Amis, Director of Learning and Education for Definity University.

Director of LSI, Mike Holman stated, “[I] greatly appreciated the program. It truly was a one-of-a-kind experience. It taught lean concepts in manageable pieces. The hands-on simulation was a practical application of the concepts.”

Following the lean simulation, the students were led on a tour of Upside Innovationsone of Definity Partners’ clients and partner in the Fearless Factory, which produces ramps and stairs for commercial and residential buildings.

For more information on future educational classes or to inquire about student programs, please visit and contact Tara Amis at 513-256-7267, or e-mail her at

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