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Local Frontline Leaders Honored in National Awards Program

Definity Partners created The Fearless Frontline Leader Award in 2014 to honor the memory of dedicated frontline leader Mike Stilwell. Definity Partners honored two of the finalist of the award in a ceremony in front of their co-workers and team members.


Frontline Leader Study by ASTD

A new study shows the importance of having a strong (or fearless) frontline in the manufacturing industry. The attached whitepaper from the American Society of Training and Development is a helpful guide to building and sustaining an effective frontline.


Do You Have a Fearless Frontline Leader at Your Facility?

With over 600,000 manufacturing positions going unfilled every year in America, Definity Partners, a firm dedicated to improving the culture, effectiveness and appeal of manufacturing facilities across the nation, saw the need to build a program that brings a fresh new look at what manufacturing could be in the U.S. today. As part of this resurgence of manufacturing and in memory of a dedicated frontline leader, Mike Stilwell, Definity Partners created The Fearless Frontline Leader Award, a new program dedicated to promoting and recognizing excellence in frontline leadership across the U.S.