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Are you ready to give frontline employees the authority and confidence to handle day-to-day business operations? Do you want all employees to become invested in improving your business? Is now the right time to liberate upper management to focus on your company’s future?

If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes,’ then contact us to begin your Run Improve Grow® Roadmap today. Our project managers are ready to dive deep into your business’ challenges and needs. No matter what obstacles you face, we’ll show you how to create a culture of autonomous decision-making and ongoing improvement that frees your leaders to focus on growth.

Simply contact Definity Partners by completing the Ready to Begin Your Roadmap form to the right. We will be in touch right away to set up an initial meeting. And we’ll put your organization on the path to running more efficiently, improving continuously, and growing strategically with your corporate vision in mind.


When you contact us for help improving and growing your business, we start by learning more about your organization. And we give you the opportunity to learn more about us. We’ll invite you to read Run Improve Grow, authored by Ray Attiyah, founder of Definity Partners. The book will give you a solid understanding of our unique approach. We’ll also begin to discuss your business needs and where you think your organization needs help. Finally, we’ll conduct an individual Run-Improve-Grow assessment to show you where you’re currently spending your time as a leader—and where that time could be better spent.


Before we can put you on a path to success, we need to agree on a definition of what success looks like for your business. We work collaboratively with you and your senior leadership team to understand your business strategy and vision. We evaluate your current business state and document your key challenges and frustrations. We also look at current Run Improve Grow time allocations for your leadership team. Then we work together to clearly define goals for the your organization and team, as well as your personal goals as a business leader.


Our next step is to complete a comprehensive Run Improve Grow study to identify the gaps between your current business state and your bold vision. Based on the study, we create and implement a Run Improve Grow Roadmap that systematically addresses the gaps and measures your improvements along the way. Our focus is on sustainable change and creating a culture of continuous improvement where your business sets and achieves new goals infinitely.

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