We build a culture of continuous improvement that lasts long after we leave.

Definity Partners takes a hands-on approach to training, educating, and equipping frontline leaders and workers with the tools and technology they need to efficiently run your business and improve it every day. So that ultimately, top executives are liberated to focus on growth.

While you will see us in the boardroom discussing growth and projections with your company leaders, you will also see us on your shop floor working directly with your front lines. When your customized Run Improve Grow Roadmap suggests that you change the layout of your welding line, we'll be out there with a hacksaw, helping you get things rearranged as efficiently as possible. We are unique in our ability to connect as effectively with top executives as we are with your production workers. This allows us to earn respect and elicit buy-in for sustainable change across your entire organization.

Our Run Improve Grow approach to continuous improvement is a robust, holistic approach that combines the development and training of your people with process improvements and technology based on your organization’s unique needs. We offer expertise in the following areas to create an integrated, custom solution that will put your organization on the path to ongoing improvement and growth—and keep it there for the long term.

We liberate your top leaders from “running” the business so they can concentrate on growing it.

We empower frontline personnel to instill change within your organization and take ownership of the results.

When your ERP system can’t or won’t meet a specific business need, our technology team creates custom solutions that will.

We simplify, standardize, and automate your company’s operations to eliminate waste, build productivity, and grow profits.

We offer on-site, customized training in lean processes and leadership skills to develop a team capable of running, improving, and growing your business.

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Let our team answer your questions about how frontline leader empowerment, process improvements, education and technology can help you break-through your the challenges to bold growth.