Making the most of your investment in enterprise resource planning software.

At Definity Partners, we are well-versed in ERP systems. We understand the role they play in running and improving a business. And we help you leverage your system so that executives have more time to focus on growth

Your ERP system represents a major investment and is likely the most important technology you have when it comes to managing business processes and functions. We recommend leveraging and optimizing your ERP system’s capabilities as much as possible. Doing so maximizes your ROI and ensures process discipline and data integrity.

We can help you assess and optimize your existing ERP system or select a new ERP system that meets the needs of your organization. Either way, our goal is to help maximize your technology investment and to put the technology in place that supports your team’s efforts to run, improve, and grow your organization.


Definity Partners can fully evaluate the capabilities of your current ERP system. We look at how well the system aligns with your business strategy. We evaluate whether or not the system provides your team with the tools and information it needs to be effective. And we compare your system’s capabilities to those of other potential ERP systems. The assessment allows you to determine if your ERP system is meeting your needs, if it could be optimized to serve your organization better, or if an investment in a new system is justified.


Many times when businesses believe their ERP systems can’t meet their needs, it’s often not related to the system lacking the capabilities; it’s simply that the system has not been optimized. We help you align and adjust your system technology (user interface, reporting, data storage, etc.), processes (information gathering methods, new hire training), and behaviors (system use, critical task performance) to extract the greatest possible value from your current system. We can also help you work with ERP providers to tweak and fine-tune system features to better align with your needs and the way you do business. With ERP optimization, you may be able to get the results you want from your current system without investing more money into a new system.


If you are investing in a new ERP system, we provide unbiased, vendor-neutral selection guidance and advice. Through our experience with numerous EPR system selections and implementations, we’ve designed a selection process that clearly defines system requirements, and then quantitatively compares numerous systems against those requirements. After identifying the system that best meets your functional needs and your users needs, we help with negotiation and pricing, ultimately ensuring you get the right ERP system for your business at the right price.