Establishing the infrastructure for continuous improvement.

What makes us different from the average consulting firm is that we not only develop a roadmap to your success, we dive deep and engage with your team to work through the roadmap, so you can continuously improve, even after we’re gone.

Many consultants say they help improve processes. And they likely offer suggestions that could do just that, if implemented effectively. Definity Partners goes beyond typical consulting to work hands-on with your entire team—from the front lines to the C-suite—equipping everyone with the skills and tools they need to sustain a culture of ongoing process improvement.

We help create the culture and framework that allow employees to identify problems, come up with solutions, and rapidly implement process or procedure changes that simplify, standardize, and/or automate your company’s operations. From planning and scheduling to inventory management, we empower your team to improve business processes across the board, ultimately eliminating waste, building productivity increasing profits, and establishing a culture of collaboration, respect and continuous improvement.


The companies we work with change quickly and continuously. We implement changes on day one of our engagement, and you will start to see results the very first week. By the end of our time together, you will see dramatic increases in productivity, decreases in waste, reduced lead times, and improvements in safety. And those changes will keep on coming. We motivate and inspire your team so that they are excited about improving your business each and every day.


Daily huddle meetings with frontline workers provide a forum for identifying process problems, discussing solutions, and implementing and tracking improvements. Huddles are designed to actively engage the front lines in the process of improving the business and provide complete visibility to all levels of the organization on the changes that are being made. Each day, huddle meetings give workers the opportunity to see how their suggestions are being implemented. They can see the measurable impact these changes are making on the business. And they can give real-time feedback. Action items are discussed and assigned. And employees are empowered to—and made accountable for—making positive changes on a daily basis.


Long meetings and over-analysis do nothing to improve processes. Taking action does. We are a proponent of trystorming—or trying out solutions to problems sooner rather than later. We train your team to quickly evaluate suggestions, remove obstacles that prevent simple improvements from being implemented, and put changes into place so you can start gathering feedback about what works, and what could work better. Trystorming helps create a propensity for action, change, and results within your organization that ultimately allows problems to be solved with less effort.


Definity Partners boasts a very deep process improvement tool belt. Our expertise spans a wide range of the latest and most proven process improvement tools and methodologies, including Six Sigma, Kanban, Kaizen, and Poke-Yoke Lean. We offer guidance on how to take full advantage of the benefits these tools offer. More important, we can help you determine which of these tools will be the best fit for your organization and its goals. Ultimately, we deliver the right tool, at the right time, in the right way to engage your employees and equip your business to better solve the challenges it faces today, as well as those it will face down the road.