Empowering your frontline workers to improve your business.

Could you, yourself, work hand-in-hand with your supervisors as they go about their day, training and coaching them on how to improve processes and empower their employees? Maybe. But do you have the time?

When your company has a fearless front line that’s capable of running and improving the business on its own, then executives are free to focus on proactive improvements and growth that drive the business forward.

We help you build a culture where frontline personnel are empowered to instill change and take ownership of the results. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with your supervisors and employees all day, every day, from day one of our engagement. Our Project Managers are literally in the trenches with your people. Supervisors benefit from hands-on, in-the-moment leadership coaching day in and day out. Your employees are actively engaged in the process of improving your business. By empowering your front line through mentorship, education, and training, we motivate employees to run and improve the business for you, allowing you to focus on new growth directions and opportunities for your business.


With approximately 80 percent of your workforce reporting directly to frontline supervisors, those supervisors need to know how to lead. But many times, supervisors are skilled workers who have been promoted and do not necessarily have well-developed leadership skills.

Engaging with us allows you to put an executive-level expert on the front lines next to your supervisors 40 hours a week. Our Project Managers model leadership skills, demonstrate how to motivate employees, and teach how to solve problems as they arise. This hands-on, in-the-moment coaching uses a Tell-Show-Do-Review model to equip your supervisors with leadership tools, and make them experts at using them.

"These guys came in and embedded themselves in our processes, working side by side with our frontline leaders and employees to identify the best process for our business and accelerate change."

- Dan Hogan, CFO from Coleman


When problems arise on the front lines, we show supervisors and employees how to communicate and collaborate across functions to get issues resolved fast. We train supervisors and workers to overcome communications barriers and proactively partner with engineers, customer service reps, purchasing agents, warehouse employees, and others as needed to remove obstacles to business success. So if an order is going to be late, your supervisor will know how to pull the right people together to solve the problem, expedite the order, and get business done.


As a key tool for engaging frontline employees, we launch daily "what went well" huddle meetings within your organization. Or if you are already holding huddles, we help you make them as effective as possible.

Effective huddle meetings bring together frontline leaders with workers from across the organization—operators, maintenance techs, engineers, etc.—to open the channels of communication, give everyone a voice, and encourage team interaction. The huddle provides a forum where workers can review performance metrics every day, celebrate what went well the day before, and voice their ideas and suggestions for what could be done better. Well-executed huddles are action-oriented and results-driven. They make workers accountable for and excited about their role in implementing changes to continuously improve the operation.

“We used to dictate to production from the office how things would be done… it’s now 180 degrees different. When we have a new job, production creates the best process and communicates it to engineering for analysis."

-Marcus Mencher from ThyseenKrupp Bilstein of America


While working daily to develop your front line, our Project Managers are on hand to help should a crisis arrive. From day-to-day firefighting to major quality or safety issues, we offer expertise to help resolve issues and remove roadblocks, so your team can concentrate on continuing to improve the business.


To compliment the front line development that occurs as part of an engagement with us, we offer formal leadership skills training and lean process coaching specifically tailored to frontline supervisors and frontline employees, including our Coaching Supervision Series and FAST Problem Solving courses. Courses are also available a la carte. Learn more about our ongoing education opportunities for your front line.

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