Liberating executives to focus on growth.

Through one-on-one and team coaching, Definity Partners teaches executives to liberate themselves from “running” the business, so they can concentrate on growing it.

The members of your executive team are the people within your organization who should be focused on growing the business by strategically planning for new products, new markets, mergers, or acquisitions. Yet, instead of concentrating on these strategic growth initiatives, leaders are too often busy making sales calls, reacting to customer demands, or putting out daily fires on the shop floor.

Definity Partners works to develop and guide the executive team and your individual executives through formal coaching and training sessions, as well as impromptu, in-the-moment coaching. With a focus on communication and interpersonal skills, Definity Partners coaches executives on how to pass the authority and responsibility for the “run” down to the front lines. Accomplishing this creates motivated, high-performing executives with the time and resources to focus on improving processes and growing your business.


Throughout the course of our formal engagement, Definity Partners Project Managers sit down with your project Sponsor—usually your CEO or another high-level executive supporting the Definity project—to discuss business growth and direction. These weekly meetings provide a forum for strategizing the introduction of new improvements, discussing changes or challenges in the marketplace, or addressing concerns about the executive team. Because we focuses on developing clients for life, Sponsor meetings often continue informally beyond the official engagement, allowing us to provide coaching and advice for your organization on an ongoing basis.


It’s not unusual for different members of your C-suite to have competing objectives. Your VP of Sales may be working hard to quote shorter lead times and lower prices, while your VP of Operations is pushing for more production time and increased margins through pricing. We break down functional silos and align the entire C-suite around one bold corporate vision. We foster agreement on a single direction for the company. And we define and shift each executive’s roles and responsibilities to achieve that goal. Ultimately we create an environment in which executives work together—not against each other—to move your business forward.


No organization can achieve its goals without the right people in the right places. We help you evaluate the capabilities and competencies of your company’s leaders to ensure each executive is in the appropriate role with the right responsibilities. If needed, we can help define a new organizational structure that leverages your leaders’ expertise and puts your business in the best position to succeed.


If your business is struggling with a talent gap that’s impeding growth and improvement, we can help identify candidates with the skills and experience that can round out your executive team. During the recruiting process, our Project Managers often step in to fill critical roles and provide leadership for specific projects until the right permanent talent is found.


To compliment the executive team development that occurs as part of an engagement with us, we offer formal lean management and leadership skills training specifically tailored to executives. In addition we offer numerous related courses on an ongoing basis available a la carte. Learn more about our ongoing education opportunities.

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