Give your people the tools to drive your company forward—and save thousands in the process.

Definity Partners provides education for executives, supervisors, and frontline workers that extends beyond the classroom and into your organization, creating measurable changes with significant bottom line impact.

Our education programs are grounded in the fact that your people are your biggest asset and that your company lives and dies by their performance. At Definity Partners, we develop your team via a full spectrum of courses and training programs that teach your people how to create a culture of continuous improvement so your business can thrive and grow.

Our training is light on lectures and heavy on dynamic exercises. Participants benefit from one-on-one instruction and mentorship from project managers and education professionals with years of operations and manufacturing experience. Students put theories into action by working on real-world improvement projects from your own company. By implementing tools and techniques taught in the classroom, your team not only learns more; they create measurable results with the potential to save your company thousands if not millions of dollars. In fact, we guarantee you’ll find value in our education offerings, or your money back.

Training courses are available as part of your Run Improve Grow Roadmap or a la carte. Learn more about available courses in the following areas: