Definity Partners is about developing people and driving improvements.

We exist to help people achieve more than they ever thought possible. From our clients’ frontline workers, managers, and executives, to our own associates, we empower people to drive change and improve their environments every single day.

Definity Partners is not your typical consulting firm. In fact, we were founded by Ray Attiyah in the early 90s specifically to fill the gap between what traditional consultants have to offer, and what the market actually needs. In essence, we don’t just promote ideas for improving your business - we demonstrate them by working beside you, modeling behaviors, confronting the tough challenges, and helping you to rapidly implement change that leads to bottom-line results.

Our hands-on approach to driving change, developing people, and building leadership skills starts with the front line and extends to the executive suite. Our project managers work closely with your people, digging in and getting our hands dirty, being on site when the first employee arrives until the last one leaves, and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. Definity Partners has a deep passion for driving sustainable and continuous improvements. And we share that passion with everyone we work for - and everyone who works for us.

Our culture is rooted in a highly-contagious spirit of progress. We’re bold, action-oriented, and accountable. Most of all, we love working collaboratively with each other and with our clients to do what we do best—drive improvement in ourselves and in the businesses we serve.

We’re made up of people who have practical experience coupled with a passion for driving change. Our Project Managers and Software Developers thrive on taking bold action. We are committed to working collaboratively with people at every level of your organization to move your business forward.

Because we are completely confident in what we do and what we can help your business achieve, our work is contingent on your ongoing satisfaction—not a contract. Our contract-free pricing structure ensures you continue to see measurable results every week.

If our hands-on approach to driving change, developing people, and creating a culture of continuous improvement within your organization sounds like a good fit for your business, then we’d like to get to know you better. And we’d like to tell you more about our unique Run Improve Grow approach and how it can work in your company. When you get started with Definity Partners, we invest the time to understand where you are and where you want to go. Then we create a plan for getting you to your vision as rapidly as possible.

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