We’re passionate about improvement.

Definity Partners changes things for the better every single day. It's exhilarating. And it's infectious. Whether you work with us, or for us, it's virtually impossible not to get caught up in the spirit of progress.

At Definity Partners, we go about our business in a very collaborative, supportive, and dynamic way. When every day involves tackling tough challenges and making significant improvements in our clients'; organizations, collaboration, flexibility, and support are required in order to get the job done.

However, that teamwork and enthusiasm doesn't end when the workday is over. We regularly get together after hours, not just to talk shop, but to have a good time. We include our significant others whenever possible, because we believe it's important not just for our people to like their jobs, but for their families to like them, too. Annual events, like our holiday party and company trips to destinations ranging from the Bahamas to Nemacolin, bring us all together to celebrate successes, recharge batteries, and simply enjoy the attributes that make our culture unique—namely being bold, taking ownership, and making hard work fun.


We challenge our clients and ourselves to envision and achieve what most never thought possible. Our work is fast, furious, and results oriented; but we always remain humble. While we take action to achieve results and we are fearless in our pursuit of bold solutions, we also give credit where it’s due and remain open to feedback at all times.


We own the outcomes of our client engagements just as much as our clients do. This responsibility and accountability also extends to our own business. We all take responsibility for—and we all share in—the collective success of Definity Partners. It goes without saying that we are trustworthy, committed, dedicated, and ethical in the pursuit of achieving success for our clients and for ourselves.


While we always choose substance over style and avoid quick-fix, trendy solutions in favor of proven methods, we truly enjoy the process of constantly challenging ourselves and our clients to improve. Alongside our clients, we confront difficult challenges head on. But we do so in an energetic and engaging way that makes successes all the sweeter. And once this is accomplished, we enjoy celebrating our achievements and including our clients in the festivities!