Building custom technology to meet unique business needs.

Are you struggling to find the right technology to support your unique business processes? The Definity Partners technology team focuses on developing custom applications that overcome the limitations of the off-shelf-systems and help you do business the way that works best for you.

All off-the-shelf technology systems have boundaries. And no system is ever going to be a perfect fit for your unique business processes, model, and strategy. For example, your ERP system may lack a mobile app for your service team. Or it may have a weak scheduling module. Perhaps you need to create a workflow for order management that your system doesn’t support.

In cases like these, our technology team offers the expertise to develop custom applications and bring custom integration capabilities to any capable third party system, database, or application. With our custom application solutions, you can surpass the limitations of your off-the-shelf systems when needed. And you can take advantage of technology solutions that are uniquely tailored to the dynamics and culture of your business and your specific business processes.


The Definity Solutions Framework is our proprietary and proven agile-oriented approach to custom application development. Our framework integrates software development best practices, technical improvement tools, industry-leading project management standards and principles, and a visionary approach to application development. Using the framework, we work collaboratively with you to design and implement reliable technology solutions that address your core business challenges and generate sustainable results.

We build the technology solutions in small, manageable phases. You can see and test the software sooner rather than later. And you can provide feedback throughout the development process to help drive progressive improvements. Ultimately, the Definity Solutions Framework ensures your custom software meets the objectives of your users and your business, while ultimately supporting your Run Improve Grow goals.


Custom solutions created in tandem with process improvements can help automate, simplify, and standardize complex or mission critical processes within your business. Custom technology tools also help speed and simplify the adoption of process or behavior changes when implemented simultaneously with those changes.


While every custom application we create is unique to the individual business for which it’s designed, in most cases, our custom applications simplify decision making and/or release your personnel from repetitive or burdensome processes so they can focus on running, improving, and growing your business. Our technology team is well-versed at designing and implementing custom software solutions for:

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) integration and optimization
  • SIOP (Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning)
  • Inventory management
  • Business intelligence and dashboarding
  • Knowledge sharing and document management
  • Collaboration and automated workflow
  • Mobile workforce applications tailored to line-of-business functions
  • Connecting disparate technologies to allow them to seamlessly share data and function
  • Sharing and receiving information with clients and suppliers
  • Eliminating manual and paper-based processes