Tara Amis

Tara Amis

Director of Learning and Education-Partner
Cincinnati Office

The desire to create learning opportunities at every turn fuels Tara’s passion for developing minds of all ages.

Education is a key building block toward success, and Tara’s goal is to foster a continuous desire to learn among all Definity Partners clients. Building on her background as a teacher, she developed relationships with clients to better understand their training and development needs. She then redesigned the Definity Partners educational courses to better align with those needs and with current best practices. She has been fundamental in creating opportunities for critical thinking during lean simulations and in creating a continuous improvement environment for Lean Certification candidates.

Tara’s commitment to education extends beyond the workplace. Outside of the office, Tara has dedicated her time to raise funds to send low-income students on class field trips to Washington D.C. and Space Camp.

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