Ray Attiyah

Ray Attiyah

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer
Cincinnati Office
Executive Team Development
Front Line Team Development
Process Improvement

Ray is driven by transforming frustrated employees, who previously believed obstacles were a way of life, into ultimate leaders and role models within their organizations.


Ray Attiyah is an entrepreneur, innovator, author, and founder and CIO of Definity Partners. A dedicated life-long learner, Ray is perpetually curious and firmly believes anything is possible–including simplicity. Ray has started, acquired, or invested in multiple companies with a vision of engineering the perfect growth, improvement, and talent system for today’s organizations. 

With a commitment to improving companies while inspiring the performance of frontline employees, Ray has pioneered the integration of business excellence and talent development, creating a community of leaders and generating exceptional levels of performance among all client organizations. Considered a trainer’s trainer, Ray’s motivation lies in removing obstacles to achieve quick, visible and high-impact results.

 Ray’s career has been fueled by a passion to learn, teach, and help teams achieve break-through improvements they never dreamed possible. He and his team at Definity Partners have conducted over 500,000 hours of hands-on training with hundreds of companies, from small start-ups to Fortune 50 enterprises. From their collective work and his own experiences and expertise in engineering and operations, Ray developed the Run-Improve-Grow® system to inspire the best leaders to reach for higher-hanging fruit.  

Run Improve Grow: From Firefighting to Bold Business Growth, his first book on the subject, is inspiring leaders across all industries and is recommended reading for anyone interested in getting out of the "run" (the day to day firefighting of running a business) and focusing on improving and growing their organization.

Before founding Definity Partners (formerly Midwest Manufacturing Solutions) in 1996, Ray served as Operations Director for Johnson & Hardin. Previously, he also worked for Johnson & Johnson as both a process engineer and an operations supervisor. Ray earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Rutgers University and an MBA from Xavier University.

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