Matt Higgins

Matt Higgins

Strategic Account Leader, RIG Definity Master
Cincinnati Office
Executive Team Development
Front Line Team Development
Process Improvement

Matt uses his extensive business and technical experience across a breadth of business functions, from operations to sales and finance, to help clients achieve new levels of growth.

Matt Higgins has been instrumental in developing many of the largest Definity Partners accounts, demonstrating outstanding proficiency using the Challenger Sales Model. Having risen from maintenance technician to COO, Matt feels that this wide range of experience gives him unique insight into transforming businesses to new, unexpected levels of performance. Matt tends to lock in on problem root causes quickly, and then just as quickly formulate and implement creative solutions. This is demonstrated by an impressive track record of generating numerous project ROIs in less than six months.

Matt has been married to his wife Annette for more than 25 years. They have two daughters, Nicole and Kaitlyn, and currently live in Liberty Township, Ohio. Matt enjoys keeping fit, running, and being a lifelong learner.

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