John Harvey

John Harvey

RIG Leader, Partner
Cincinnati Office
Executive Team Development
Front Line Team Development
Process Improvement

John's experience has taught him to avoid making decisions based on fear or politics, and instead to take rational steps to increase productivity.

John Harvey joined Definity Partners in 2003. He leverages a strong engineering background to generate impressive results for clients in a wide range of industries. Before joining Definity Partners, John worked as a manufacturing supervisor for Mercury Corporation and an operations manager for G&T Conveyor, where he was responsible for growth and operations ramp-up.

By feeding off the accomplishments and ingenuity of his staff, John has helped many organizations achieve significant success, including P&G, Coleman, Armor Holdings, Club Chef, Myers Lawn and Garden, and many more. John loves seeing clients and their employees achieve results that they never thought possible. One COO told John, “This is a mature business with mature products. I had no idea we could be this profitable.” Another case in point: an employee once said to John, “I don’t think I've anywhere to move in this company.” That employee is now a senior leader overseeing several divisions.

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