Glenn Plunkett

Glenn Plunkett

Director of Application Development, Partner
Cincinnati Office
Custom Applications

Glenn is motivated by a desire for excellence in delivering technology solutions that help clients do more than they thought they could. Above all, he believes in personal growth and doing things the right way.

Glenn Plunkett came to Definity in November 2012 via the acquisition of Libertas Technologies. With over 35 years of software development experience behind him, Glenn leads Definity Partners software development team, constantly striving to hire the best talent, keep pace with technology, and encourage a collaborative team environment.

After receiving his degree in electronic engineering, Glenn devoted 10 years to industrial R&D and materials science before focusing his career on IT. Apart from software development, he carries with him experience in many areas and industries, including metallurgical research, industrial systems, networking, development operations, and IT leadership in both non-profit and for-profit sectors. Glenn is a Microsoft-certified developer and has contributed to many whitepapers and other works, including U.S. Patent #5,737,385 and related projects. An avid outdoorsman and conservationist, Glenn resides in Cincinnati with his two sons.

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