Dave Bishop

Dave Bishop

RIG Leader
Cincinnati Office
Executive Team Development
Front Line Team Development
Process Improvement

Through his work with Definity Partners, Dave has realized that results are in the eye of the beholder. He always looks for a deeper definition and purpose behind the goal for each client and each employee.

Dave Bishop has always been driven by bottom line performance. Early in his career with Definity Partners, Dave assisted Mark Leasure, President of Ghent, in transforming Ghent into a sustainable, high-performing team and business. Since then, Dave has led over 30 clients to achieve more than they ever thought possible. Notably, he worked with Matt Chestnut, P&G Global Improvement Expert, to pioneer P&G’s adoption of the Definity Partners’ Run-Improve-Grow™ methodology. Their results were phenomenal, compressing product development from months to weeks, and creating a sustainable culture of improvement champions in the Family Care group. Definity Partners now works worldwide with P&G to align each part of the organization to the Run-Improve-Grow™ approach.

Dave earned his BSME from University of Cincinnati in 1990 and started his career by accepting a position in Cooper Industries’ Management Training Program. He worked in many roles with Cooper Industries from supervisor to operations manager. This moved him through five different states before he returned to his hometown of Cincinnati in 1999, where he began his journey with Definity Partners. Incidentally, Dave has three sons all born in different states: Iowa, Alabama, and North Carolina. Dave is an avid drag racer and muscle car enthusiast, and enjoys running and lifting weights.

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